TheVine story: “Best Beats: The Month in Hip-Hop, February 2014”, March 2014

The latest of my monthly hip-hop round-ups for TheVine. Excerpt below. Full story via the link at the bottom of the page. Well, this was rubbish. There was actually too much rap music in a measly twenty-eight days to cram into one write-up. Music journalism problems yo. Did my best. All essential, as always. Zilla […]

TheVine story: “Best Beats: Summer Hip-Hop Edition, 2013-2014”, February 2014

My regular monthly round-up of rap music for TheVine, in best-of-summer form. Excerpt below. What kind of fool releases their music in December and January? You’ve just given yourself a free pass on all the year-end lists, my pal, and that’s what really matters right? Right?! Still, while critics enjoyed recapping their favourite tunes from […]

TheVine story: “Bliss n Eso: ‘I’m proof that you can get to the other side'”, January 2014

An extended Q&A with Bliss n Eso MC, Max MacKinnon (pictured, left). BnE are known for their openness with both fans and the media, but I was floored when, about two-thirds of the way through this interview, MacKinnon (AKA Eso) opened up about his recent issues with alcohol abuse. Excerpt below. For the full article, […]

TheVine interview: “Seth Sentry — ‘I did play on a 70-foot Doritos vending machine'”, April 2013

An interview for TheVine with Melbourne MC, Seth Sentry. Excerpt below. Seth Sentry figured he was going on holiday. That’s how the Melbourne MC approached his recent trip to the United States. Sentry’s management had put together an appearance at the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX, and so the rapper jumped on the plane […]