TheVine story: “Group Therapy: Does Australian Music Have a Drinking Problem?” February 2014

On the back of Bliss n Eso MC Max MacKinnon’s revelation that he has recently beaten a drinking problem (see previous story here), I surveyed twelve artists from around Australia — including Drapht, The Basics’ Kris Schroeder, Sietta’s Caiti Baker and The Butterfly Effect’s Ben Hall  — to get their thoughts on whether local independent music has […]

TheVine story: “Bliss n Eso: ‘I’m proof that you can get to the other side'”, January 2014

An extended Q&A with Bliss n Eso MC, Max MacKinnon (pictured, left). BnE are known for their openness with both fans and the media, but I was floored when, about two-thirds of the way through this interview, MacKinnon (AKA Eso) opened up about his recent issues with alcohol abuse. Excerpt below. For the full article, […]

TheVine story: “Are Bicycle Helmet Laws Bad For Public Health?”, July 2013

A feature story for TheVine. I talk to a health researcher, an economist, a trauma surgeon and spokespeople from both the Queensland and Victorian state governments, investigating the somewhat counterintuitive idea that bicycle helmet laws (helmets are mandatory in Australia) are bad for public health. Excerpt below. Ask Martin Tanneberger what he thinks of mandatory […]