AskMen film review: ’47 Ronin’, January 2014

A review of 47 Ronin for AskMen. Excerpt below. Follow the link at the bottom of the post for the full story. As a critic, reading reviews on the internet is the pits. They mess with your expectations and colour your interpretations. So you don’t do it. You keep your powder dry and try to take a […]

TheVine story: Bret McKenzie – “If you did kill someone, it would be a very stressful time”, November 2012

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Flight of the Conchords‘ Bret McKenzie before the relase of his new feature film, Two Little Boys. As you might imagine, he was a great interview subject. Check out an excerpt from our chat below, or follow the link at the bottom of the post to read the […]

TheVine story: ‘The Top 10 Bond Villains’, October 2012

With the upcoming release of Skyfall — the twenty-third film in the James Bond franchise — I put together a Top 10 of 007’s greatest ever villains for TheVine. Excerpt below. Bad guys. Loads of bad guys. If there’s one thing the Bond films have given us – other than a catwalk of ladies for the […]

TheVine: ‘Top 10 Films That Aren’t As Good As You Remember’, October 2012

A Top 10 story for TheVine. Excerpt below. You know how it goes: you spot the DVD at the local store – it’s on special, perhaps – and everything comes flooding back. It might be a favourite film of a particular period in your life, or simply the greatest experience you ever had in darkened […]

TheVine story: ‘Top 10 What’s-His-Face Character Actors’, August 2012

Where I round-up those ten guys who you know out of that thing that you saw. For TheVine. You know them but you can’t name them. They’re the cops, criminals, freaks and geeks who populate your favourite movies. While Tom bosses around the director and Christian screams at the guy for looking funny, these ladies […]

TheVine story: ‘Talented, Creative Australian Expats’, May 2012

One of the more inspiring feature stories that I’ve had the pleasure of tackling. I chat to eight Australian creatives — Craig Redman (illustrator, graphic designer), Georgina Haig (actor), Ben Johnston (designer, director), Nick Crocker (healthcare entrepreneur), Elisa Mazzone (illustrator), Elisa Jane Carmichael (indigenous contemporary artist), Berkfinger (musician) and Lucy Dyson (music video director and artist) — […]

TheVine interview: Henry Rollins — “Hate, fear, and division. That’s where America’s at.” March 2012

I interview former Black Flag frontman and spoken word artist Henry Rollins for TheVine. Excerpt below. The biggest problem when told you have 20 minutes on the phone with Henry Rollins is what exactly to talk about. Rollins’ life hasn’t beendished out in just events and episodes, but rather grand arcs of interest, each of which […]

20/20 Filmsight: Who Ya Gonna Call?! 20/20’s Guide to the Affordable Performer, 2010

A tongue-in-cheek piece for 20/20 Filmsight looking at often forgotten b-grade actors. Excerpt below. Imagine working for years, honing your shtick, only to finally knock on the door of the top tier in acting and find your particular place taken. Perhaps this person is a contemporary or perhaps they’ve been sitting in their princely spot […]

The Comment Factory: Revisiting The Boys in the Band, a queer cinema classic

I wrote this piece for The Comment Factory after reviewing for my own site an Umbrella DVD release of the William Friedkin-directed film, The Boys in the Band. This is essentially another review, but I also looked at the atmosphere within the gay community at the time of the film’s release in 1970, and explained […]

20/20 Filmsight film review: ‘Black Swan’

A review of the film, ‘Black Swan’, for my own film site, 20/20 Filmsight. Excerpt below. Black Swan is like a conjurer’s trick. It dances in front of you, it moves and shakes, offers distractions and throws up red herrings. And it’s so effective that when all is said and done you’re not really sure […]