Tiger tales story: ‘Go to the Triffid in Brisbane’ – November 2014

A feature story for the November-December issue of Tiger Tales Australia. Click the image to read a PDF of the story or check out a brief excerpt below.

Triffid header

Former Powderfinger bassist John Collins only just arrived, but is already talking about the Go-Betweens. “Why did they call it the Go Between Bridge? And not the Go-Betweens Bridge?” he asks.

I’m not sure how we started on the topic of the recently built Brisbane River overpass. But you soon learn that’s John Collins — or JC, as he’s known — all asides and sudden digressions, the mind running quicker than the mouth will follow. “If you’re going to name it after a band, name it after the band,” he says, incredulously.

Collins is of course a founding member of a group arguably even more important to Brisbane than the Go-Betweens. Powderfinger played their last show just on four years ago, but plenty of fans refuse to come to terms with the fact that the five piece have laid down their instruments for good. For the 44-year-old Collins, there was a similar sense of loss for a year. “Sure, I was sad, emotional,” he says. “But it was a good thing. And I realised once we stopped how much of a machine we were. How much pressure we put on ourselves without even knowing.”

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