Tiger Tales story: ‘Barbershop Quartet’ – November 2014

The cover story for the November-December issue of Tiger Tales Australia. Click the image to read a PDF of the story or check out a brief excerpt below.

barber header

It’s the place where men get chatty, swapping sartorial secrets and giving up their best buys. Matt Shea chats with the sharpest of Australia’s new wave of barbers.

Holders of secrets. Givers of advice. Purveyors of the finer things in life. There’s not much a skilled barber isn’t across for his or her clientele.

Barbering is everywhere right now, a 2014 take on an age-old trade. These days, a barber will take your booking before you get to the shop and might just Instagram their handiwork before you leave again. But everything else remains much the same. They still know why your team isn’t winning and your girlfriend refuses to talk to you. And they still know where to go for the best cigars and whisky.

Tiger Tales wanted to find out what makes a barber’s life so special and why the trade is enjoying its blockbuster renaissance. More importantly, though, we wanted to tap into that repository of knowledge; the barber always knows, as they say. So we gathered together four of the best from around the country and got the skinny on what’s what in their hometown.

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