Tiger Tales story: ‘Tatt’s My Town’ – September 2014

A feature story for the September-October issue of Tiger Tales Australia. Click the image to read a PDF of the story or check out a brief excerpt below.

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“I basically painted what I thought Melbourne was to me,” says Dynamic Tattoo’s Jake Fraser, “which is live music, coffee and football.”

While many cities around the world boast such virtues, the 30-year-old reckons it’s Melbourne’s easy ability to mix together the arts and sport that sets it apart. “I feel like it’s a very creative and energetic city to be in,” he says. “All you need to do is walk down the street here in [inner eastern suburb] Richmond to notice that pretty quickly. Every shop is a bar or a cafe now!”

Fraser’s distinctive style, with its bold lines and refined use of colour, was established during a stint tattooing in America. “The shop I worked for there was pretty renowned for that traditional, old-school tattooing. I’d like to say I’m pretty diverse, but when people come to me they usually want that traditional style.”

Fraser loves getting to the football, galleries, and any one of the many punk rock venues in and around town. Still, his first love is surfing and the often-forgotten breaks that exist just outside of the city.

“I find that easy and comforting,” he says. “In Victoria, you can drive an hour and find an uncrowded wave, which isn’t the way farther north. The beaches are terrific.”
Richmond, Vic, dynamictattoo.com

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