AskMen story: ‘Kuala Lumpur’s Top 5 Sky Bars’ – May 2014

A travel feature for AskMen looking at Kuala Lumpur’s best roof top bars. Excerpt below. Full story via the link at the bottom of the page.

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Kuala Lumpur is a city growing at an astronomical rate, which for a new visitor can make the Malaysian capital a little intimidating. All those highways, all that sprawl, all those slightly confusing one-way streets. In the CBD it’s wide boulevards and skyscraper after skyscraper. Which, again, is a little intense… until you realise most of them want you to come inside.

It turns out that the best way to see Kuala Lumpur is from the sky. And the city abounds with skyline destinations. Our favourite tactic is to take the lift at the start of your stay, and then at the end as well. You get your bearings on the first night, and then get all teary-eyed about the memories on the last. The feels.

But perhaps the key to Kuala Lumpur’s rooftop scene is that there’s a lot of competition. So burning cash on a dud isn’t nearly as easy as in some other much bigger cities around the globe. Here are five essential skyline drinking and dining options that AskMen have stone cold fallen in love with. Check the dress codes, grab your favourite lady, make a night of it.

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