TheVine story: “Best Beats: Summer Hip-Hop Edition, 2013-2014”, February 2014

My regular monthly round-up of rap music for TheVine, in best-of-summer form. Excerpt below.


What kind of fool releases their music in December and January? You’ve just given yourself a free pass on all the year-end lists, my pal, and that’s what really matters right? Right?!

Still, while critics enjoyed recapping their favourite tunes from 2013, a bunch of crazy arseholes released these terrific rap records. All essential.


7 Days of Funk — 7 Days of Funk (LP) (Stones Throw)

You probably know 7 Days of Funk as Snoop Dogg Lion Zilla Whatever’s latest project, but if we’re honest this is really about Dam Funk. Don’t know Dam (pronounced “Dame”)? Get onboard, son.

For the last few years powering a nascent future funk scene in Los Angeles, 7 Days is Damon Riddick’s coming out party and Snoop’s playing host, splitting his toil between smooth couplets and auto-tuned crooners. Artists constantly try to reference the past while defining the future, and Dam does it better than most. This is 34 minutes of dance parties, hot tubs, whisky and champagne.

Remember: always arrive by Lincoln.

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