AskMen film review: ’47 Ronin’, January 2014

A review of 47 Ronin for AskMen. Excerpt below. Follow the link at the bottom of the post for the full story.

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As a critic, reading reviews on the internet is the pits. They mess with your expectations and colour your interpretations. So you don’t do it. You keep your powder dry and try to take a film or piece of music or whatever it may be on its merits.

This was hard with 47 Ronin. Over the last eighteen months I’ve been helpless to stop the stinky industry news regarding this doomed blockbuster drifting out of my internet modem and curling my nostrils. The US reviews from late December did nothing to turn the tide. The film was a flop, a flame out. It would do everything but steal your laundry and shit in the letterbox. Keanu Reeves. What an arsehole.

But it turns out that 47 Ronin, rather than being one of the most remarkably bad films in history, is instead one of the most remarkable examples of internet group think in history. This is a flawed film, no doubt —the compromises made both during production and after it will be obvious to an astute viewer — but is it the steaming bucket of poo most have gleefully painted it as? Not nearly.

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