TheVine story: “What will Flume do next?” January 2014

A feature for TheVine looking at the career thus far of Flume — AKA Harley Streten — the Sydney producer who turned heads internationally with his self-titled debut album in late 2012. The story was built from an extended face-to-face interview with Streten in Sydney in November, arranged to coincide with the release of a deluxe edition of the LP. Excerpt below. For the full story, visit TheVine.

4552024-3x4-700x933Harley Streten isn’t as young as you think he is. Not anymore, anyway.

It’s been the established narrative for a while now: Wunderkind finds music-making CD in cereal pack, home records EP and LP, becomes superstar, wins ARIAs. They’re beats in a story that establishes a local hero—an artist leading an international musical movement rather than riding on its coattails—but somewhere along the line the plot points took over, the ideas recycled so often that their protagonist became stuck in time.

When Streten played his first Flume show he was 20 years old – “maybe 19,” he says. Young, but hardly Mozart. And in between all that Nutri-Grain and all those ARIAs there’s been a lot of school and gap years and collaborations and touring.

Perhaps it’s his personality.

Harley Streten isn’t shy, exactly, but he’s almost pointedly modest. We’re chatting in the boardroom of his publicist’s offices in Sydney’s Surry Hills, perched in a pair of chairs that could easily lull you to sleep. Yet Streten leans forward, hands clutching elbows. He gently rocks on his haunches, either with nerves or an overdose of caffeine from the empty cup that sits in front of him, soft features permanently split by an easy grin.

He engages, but conspiratorially. Success is no big thing. He’s nothing special. He’s just Harley. It’s a personality that doesn’t accommodate easy descriptions. Maybe that’s why, on first take, people confuse the modesty for bashfulness and continue to reach for the youth card.

“Harley’s developed a lot in the last few years,” Chris ‘Emoh Instead’ Emerson tells me later over the phone. Emerson collaborates with Streten as part of the club-shaking DJ duo What So Not. “I guess it’s been quite a natural progression of someone just coming and developing as an individual. When we first started, Harley was quite shy and reserved but he’s definitely developed into a full-grown adult.”

For the full article, visit TheVine.

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