AskMen film review: ’47 Ronin’, January 2014

A review of 47 Ronin for AskMen. Excerpt below. Follow the link at the bottom of the post for the full story. As a critic, reading reviews on the internet is the pits. They mess with your expectations and colour your interpretations. So you don’t do it. You keep your powder dry and try to take a […]

TheVine story: “EXCLUSIVE: Have maths nerds predicted triple j’s Hottest 100…again?” January 2014

An exclusive story for TheVine looking at the return of The Warmest 100, an online statistical prediction of national youth broadcaster triple j’s annual Hottest 100 countdown. As late as the night before this story was published, Nick Drewe, the man behind The Warmest 100, had all but discounted repeating the success of his prediction […]

TheVine story: “Bliss n Eso: ‘I’m proof that you can get to the other side'”, January 2014

An extended Q&A with Bliss n Eso MC, Max MacKinnon (pictured, left). BnE are known for their openness with both fans and the media, but I was floored when, about two-thirds of the way through this interview, MacKinnon (AKA Eso) opened up about his recent issues with alcohol abuse. Excerpt below. For the full article, […]

TheVine story: “What will Flume do next?” January 2014

A feature for TheVine looking at the career thus far of Flume — AKA Harley Streten — the Sydney producer who turned heads internationally with his self-titled debut album in late 2012. The story was built from an extended face-to-face interview with Streten in Sydney in November, arranged to coincide with the release of a […]

TheVine story: “El-P of Run The Jewels: ‘Rap is not a person'”, January 2014

An interview with Run the Jewels’ El-P. It turns out El talks just about as well as he raps. Check out the excerpt below or head to TheVine for the full story. Run the Jewels was arguably the best rap album of 2013. Which is odd given that as late as April El-P and Killer Mike hadn’t […]

The Big Issue album review: Oliver Tank — ‘Slow Motion Music’, January 2014

A music review for The Big Issue, printed in issue #449 of the magazine. ++ Just when you thought he couldn’t get any more melancholic, Oliver Tank further dials down the emotion on his new EP. Slow Motion Music is an unrelentingly ambitious listen, the Sydney artist carving away at the wood-grained folk inflections of his 2011 debut Dreams to […]

Tiger Tales story: “The Fest of Times”, January 2014

My first feature for Tiger Tales — Tigerair‘s in-flight magazine — covering the Australian summer’s best music festivals. The piece appears in the January-February 2014 edition of the mag. Click the image for an excerpt or follow the link underneath to read the full story. For the full article, visit Tiger Tales.