TheVine story: “Imported Beer: TheVine Taste Test!”, April 2013

The second instalment of my TheVine investigation into foreign beers made under licence in Australia. I sat down with two expert tasters to find out which brews they thought were better — the imports or their locally made equivalents. Excerpt below. Part one of this story can be found here.

Collier 2It’s all well and good discussing the issue, but at TheVine we wanted to get our hands dirty and conduct our own tasting. So we selected four foreign beers that are made under licence in Australia – Beck’s, Peroni, Grolsch and Carlsberg – and dug up the true imports of the same brews. Where possible, we avoided going the mass retail route and searched for the highest quality imports available.

We then cornered Andrew Sydes and Perryn Collier [pictured right] – two industry experts with extensive day-to-day involvement with beer – for a blind tasting. We’ve abbreviated their comments for clarity and brevity. In doing so we’ve made it apparent which variant of each beer Sydes and Collier were discussing, even though they themselves didn’t know at the time.

The final results were surprising, to say the least. And close.

For the full article, visit TheVine.

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