AskMen interview: Ryan Holiday — “Do you want to hear about how the sausage gets made from the person putting mouse faeces in the sausage?”, May 2013

An AskMen Q&A with 25-year-old media manipulator, Ryan Holiday. This is one of the most enlightening interviews I’ve ever conducted. If you’re in marketing, the media, or even if you’re just a daily user of the internet, Ryan’s book, Trust Me, I’m Lying, is essential reading. Excerpt (from the interview) below. Ryan Holiday has almost single-handedly turned the […]

AskMen story: “History’s Greatest Fraudsters”, May 2013

A Top 10 story for AskMen. Excerpt below. In March this year, the curtain came down on the Joel Morehu-Barlow affair, the former Queensland Health employee sentenced to fourteen years in prison for skimming $16 million from the public purse. If Barlow reminded us of anything, it’s the relative ease with which fraud can be perpetrated, even if […]

TheVine interview: “Havana Brown — ‘If I’d stayed the same I wouldn’t be here'”, May 2013

An interview for TheVine with Los Angeles-based Australian DJ and musician, Havana Brown. Excerpt below. It seemed only yesterday Havana Brown was grafting about Australia like any number of local DJs who do so on a month-to-month basis. Fly away for a gig on Friday, maybe return for a residency on Saturday, recover on Sunday, and spend […]

TheVine story: “Imported Beer: TheVine Taste Test!”, April 2013

The second instalment of my TheVine investigation into foreign beers made under licence in Australia. I sat down with two expert tasters to find out which brews they thought were better — the imports or their locally made equivalents. Excerpt below. Part one of this story can be found here. It’s all well and good discussing […]

TheVine feature story: “Is imported beer better than ‘imported’ beer?”, April 2013

The first instalment of a two-part story for TheVine looking at the vexed discussion over foreign beers — Beck’s, Peroni, Heinkeken, and many more — made under licence here in Australia. I spoke to the major brewers — Carlton & United and Lion — as well as parallel importers, retailers, restaurateurs and micro brewers, all […]