TheVine interview: “Seth Sentry — ‘I did play on a 70-foot Doritos vending machine'”, April 2013

An interview for TheVine with Melbourne MC, Seth Sentry. Excerpt below.

Seth Sentry Dear Science1

Seth Sentry figured he was going on holiday.

That’s how the Melbourne MC approached his recent trip to the United States. Sentry’s management had put together an appearance at the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX, and so the rapper jumped on the plane planning to shake a couple of hands, see some sights and return in time for triple j’s One Night Stand.

But if Sentry was expecting to have the South by Southwest experience of a punter, his management had other ideas.

Now, two major music conferences, a SXSW rap competition win, a visa extension, an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and numerous sideshows later, Sentry is a changed man. Or at least a changed rapper. Or maybe the bellwether for a change in Australian rap music. Perhaps all three.

He’s now made history as the first Australian hip-hop artist to appear on a US TV talk show. His win in the Doritos Bold Stage Competition – over two American rappers, each with a significant social media presence – also earned him a support slot on LL Cool J’s King of the Mic national tour of the United States in June.

Talking to Sentry over the phone, you sense he’s just trying to make sense of it all. So TheVine conducted a debrief, getting the lowdown on big names, bigger props and the American sense of spectacle that served as a backdrop to both his Doritos Bold Stage win and appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Where are you talking to me from? Back home in Melbourne, I take it.

Yeah, been back for two weeks.

So let’s debrief on America. Have you taken it all in just yet?

It was a big thing. I’ve definitely had time to adjust to it. But it definitely exceeded way more than what we thought we were going over there to do. I mean, I thought it was a holiday, to be honest. Two weeks, and it was my first time overseas, and then we ended up staying for a month and had to get visas extended and stuff.

You were at One Night Stand on the weekend. Did it feel a little odd being back on home turf?

It was awesome. That was definitely the biggest crowd I’ve ever played in front of at One Night Stand. So that was great, coming home and continuing to do amazing stuff.

I can imagine it being pretty different to playing to crowds in America, though.

Oh yeah, that’s what everyone said. They said, “Get ready when you go to America. It’s going to be a step back in terms of crowd size.” But it was only a year ago that I was playing to a few hundred people in pubs so I didn’t really find it that much of a change. In fact, I kinda like playing the small, intimate shows. That’s kinda my vibe. So I had a ball.

I want you to talk me through the Doritos Bolds Stage comp win shortly, but first tell me: South by Southwest – that’s what the trip to America revolved around – how was that?

South-by was cool, man. I didn’t really get to see as many bands as I was expecting. I expected to have the South-by experience of a punter, but it wasn’t really like that. It was kind of hectic. The only bands I saw were the ones playing in the same showcases that I was.

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