AskMen story: “Top 10 Australian F1 Grand Prix Moments”, March 2013

A Top 10 story for AskMen. Excerpt below.

brundleaustrThe Australian Grand Prix is always a cracker. Parked at the end of the world and therefore usually at either end of the championship, it’s repeatedly been the setting for spectacular showdowns and stunning surprises.

With the latest edition of the race about to hit Melbourne this weekend, AskMen dug through the archives to find the ten greatest moments from the race’s twenty-eight year Formula 1 World Championship history. It left us wondering what kind of lunacy’s going to go down this weekend.

No. 10 Senna vs. Mansell (1992)

Did Senna miss his braking point? Or did Mansell brake test Senna? Two decades on it’s probably safe to say that this was a racing incident, but conjecture over the crash dominated the final round of the 1992 championship. There was even talk of Senna purposefully missing his mark after being kicked around all season by the gizmo-laden Williams. Either way, Mansell ran from the accident to — as he later claimed — avoid a physical confrontation with Senna. Which makes sense, given he tried to strangle the Brazilian following a similar incident in Spa in 1987.

No. 9 Senna’s Last Grand Prix Win (1993)

Nobody knew that this would be Ayrton Senna’s final win in Formula 1 before his tragic death at Imola six months later. Regardless, it was a victory claimed in some style, the Brazilian beating the all-dominant Williams cars to pole position and — other than pit stops — leading the race from start to finish over arch rival Alain Prost. Senna would end up embracing the retiring Prost on the podium, overcome by emotion. It remains an iconic moment in the sport’s history.

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