AskMen story: “Top 10 Original Inventions That Have Never Been Bettered”, February 2013

My first story for AskMen, looking at inventions, vehicles, tools and weapons that have long outlasted their planned service life, as well as many planned replacements. This was a fun story to pull together, particularly in an age when planned obsolescence seems to dominate consumer products. Excerpt below, or follow the link at the bottom of the post to read the whole story.

Not to sound like your granddad, but nothing lasts these days. Cars, computers, televisions, air conditioners, even houses: they’re all seemingly built to eventually fail. And modern consumer culture is only accelerating the rate at which we replace our machines and dump the leftovers on some poor sods in Ghana.

There was of course a different time. A time when man’s square-jawed progress could be cast in the machines that he made. A time when things actually lasted. And we wanted to celebrate our forefathers’ industrious nature by looking at machines, inventions and household goods that simply refuse to die. They’re either built to last or pack an ingenuity and adaptability that has seen them long outstrip their original service life, as well as many of their planned replacements.

Many of the entries on this list will make you proud to be a man. A couple, not so much. But all will more or less blow your mind.

For the full story, visit AskMen.

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