TheVine story: “EXCLUSIVE: The inside story of how four techs broke open triple j’s Hottest 100”, January 2013

A narrative feature follow-up to an earlier exclusive story for TheVine, about a bunch of Brisbane techs who tallied 35,081 social media-posted votes to predict this year’s triple j Hottest 100. For the feature, I conducted face-to-face interviews with Nick Drewe, Tom Knox and Jack Murphy — three of the four behind — before joining Drewe for the actual Hottest 100 countdown. Excerpt below, or follow the link at the bottom of the post to read the whole story.

On a stifling Sunday evening three weeks ago, Nick Drewe was surfing Facebook, attempting to kill the languorous, leftover time that fills in the end of a typical Brisbane summer weekend. It was early January, and voting for the annual triple j Hottest 100 was beginning to heat up.

Drewe—a twenty-five year old search engine marketer by trade—began scrolling through a friend’s Facebook and found a link to a triple j ‘My Vote’ page. Curious, he clicked through and checked out some of the friend’s picks—Spiritualized, Death Grips, nothing that really interested him—before returning to his feed. But seeing another Hottest 100 ‘My Vote’ post made him stop.

He hit the page, but this time noted the root URL: Directing his browser towards Twitter, he typed ‘triplejgadget’ into the search bar and hit ‘enter’. Twitter spat digital reams back at him, as semi-automated tweets sent from vote pages populated the feed. Suddenly, what had been the kernel of an idea began to snowball in his head.

For the full story, visit TheVine. Image by Anthony Shea.

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