TheVine story: “EXCLUSIVE: Have two Brisbane techs already revealed the triple j Hottest 100?”, January 2013

An exclusive story for TheVine about a Brisbane online marketing expert who tallied 35,081 social media-posted votes to predict this year’s triple j Hottest 100. The story was syndicated to the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and It has since been picked up by a number of other media outlets. Excerpt below, or follow the link at the bottom of the post to read the whole story.

triple j goes into lockdown this week, as voting for the 2012 edition of the station’s enormously popular music poll closes and listeners begin the long wait to find out which song takes out top spot on the now traditional Australia Day countdown. But the station’s engagement with social media during this year’s voting process may have inadvertently torpedoed the anticipation.

The brainchild of Brisbane resident and online marketer Nick Drewe, The Warmest 100 has used statistics gleaned from votes posted to Facebook, Twitter and other social media hubs to build what Drewe thinks is an accurate prediction of the final countdown.

“I was on Facebook on Sunday night two weeks ago,” Drewe explained to TheVine on Friday. “A few of my friends had posted their votes on the Hottest 100. I was just browsing through, having a look at them, and I noticed the URL structure of each of those pages had the same pattern.”

Drewe established that each vote carried with it a unique identifier, and began peppering Twitter with a clutch of different search queries. Within an hour of logging onto Facebook he had accumulated 6,000 votes and applied them to a spreadsheet. “From there, it’s a pretty simple process to calculate a prediction or estimate of what the Hottest 100 is going to be,” he said.

By the end of last week, and two days before voting closed, Drewe had collected 20,000 more submissions, which when compared to the 1.3 million votes tallied in last year’s poll gave the Warmest 100 an impressive sample size of 2%. Joining forces with ex-We Are Hunted staffer Tom Knox, together the two called in a bunch of favours to create

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