TheVine: ‘Top 10 Films That Aren’t As Good As You Remember’, October 2012

A Top 10 story for TheVine. Excerpt below.

You know how it goes: you spot the DVD at the local store – it’s on special, perhaps – and everything comes flooding back. It might be a favourite film of a particular period in your life, or simply the greatest experience you ever had in darkened movie theatre. So you buy the DVD and you take it home and you sit down to watch it. And you’ve probably told your housemates or your girlfriend or boyfriend about it and so they sit down to watch it with you.

And it turns out its terrible – a celluloid gin show of cataclysmic proportions. Your girlfriend doesn’t sleep with you that night. Your housemates call you a jerk and wee in your bed. Nobody trusts your judgement when it comes to films ever again. Loser.

The movies on the following list aren’t necessarily terrible. But they’re all guilty of being remembered with an over-egged fondness or labelled as being ‘culturally important’. If somebody tries to loan you any of these films, punch them in the face.

10. Easy Rider

Most people under the age of 40 need not revisit Easy Rider to know it’s an overrated pile of stoner horseshit. For anyone older, they have to find out the hard way – by hiring out a DVD that at some point in the past has probably served as a bong coaster and watching the thing. Needless to say, it doesn’t quite hold up when the only medicinals on offer are your wife’s IBS Support pills. We’re not doubting Easy Rider’s importance, both to New Hollywood cinema and the countercultural movement of the late 60s and early 70s. But anyone who earnestly says in 2012 that this is a top-notch piece of filmmaking needs their head examined. Once acid stopped being fun, so did Easy Rider.

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