TheVine story: ‘Top 10 What’s-His-Face Character Actors’, August 2012

Where I round-up those ten guys who you know out of that thing that you saw. For TheVine.

You know them but you can’t name them. They’re the cops, criminals, freaks and geeks who populate your favourite movies.

While Tom bosses around the director and Christian screams at the guy for looking funny, these ladies and gents quietly go about their business, learning lines over stale cigarettes and shitty coffee. The final reward for that honest toil isn’t a mince about on the red carpet. Rather, it’s a spare episode of Mad Men if they’re lucky, SVU if they’re not.

TheVine wanted to shine a light on these players that filmmakers never forget, even if audiences always do. And so we sat down and argued about ten great character actors – both their names and their work – to present this humble list of Hollywood’s greatest grafters.

10. Clifton Collins Jr.

One of the most versatile actors doing the rounds in 2012, Clifton Collins Jr. is typically unrecognisable from one role to the next. An intimidating work ethic has slowly ratcheted up Collins Jr.’s profile over the last five years, leading to meatier roles in Capote and Star Trek, but it’s arguably his turn as a one-armed, pony-tailed, model-making store clerk (no shit) in Sunshine Cleaning that best displays his prized subtlety.

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