TheVine story: ‘Top 10 Olympics Hangover Cures’, August 2012

Because the Olympics were that good. A Top 10 story for TheVine.

Feel that? It’s a cold winter gale rushing through your television programming post Olympic Games. Or, if you don’t have Fox, it’s the cold winter gale that’s rushed through your television programming over the last couple of weeks while the rest of us watched endless Sally Pearson replays.

So what to do until Rio kicks off in four years’ time? At TheVine we asked ourselves this same question, and thankfully there turned out to be more than just one answer. The world is full of sporting competitions that separate the champions from the chumps and the men from theboys horses.

And we’re not talking about football or rugby world cups or basketball or cricket series either. Read on to discover the ten essential sports that will fill your hearts and minds between now and the Games of the XXXI Olympiad.

10. Calcio Storico Fiorentino

Imagine a sanctioned football riot minus the flares and Englishman and you have Calcio Storico. Invented in 16th century Florence during a French siege of the city, Calcio Storico matches last for 50 minutes while two teams of 27 men kick, punch, elbow, strangle and headbutt their way to victory. It’s disgraceful, but great. Note the prison tattoos.

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