TheVine live review: Lady GaGa, Brisbane, June 2012

A live review for TheVine. Excerpt below.

Lady GaGa
Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Wednesday 13 June 2012

It used to be whether or not people “got” GaGa, but these days it’s perhaps whether GaGa gets her people. When The Fame was released in late 2008 it proved a powder keg, crashing into the charts and then blazing its way across mainstream consciousness throughout the following year. But the album’s great strength – its duality as both a piece of and commentary on popular culture – was of little interest to most listeners. They were too busy having a great time to stop and think about what it was all supposed to mean.

So GaGa retooled for last year’s Born This Way, making it an album dedicated to her fans. The ‘Little Monsters’ as she calls them – the liquorice allsorts of kids and queers, freaks and geeks, misfits and outcasts – who elevated her to her priestly position in the first place. Listening to that record you don’t doubt the sincerity, but standing here in the Brisbane Entertainment Centre tonight you begin to question the precision. After sitting through the umpteenth lecture of humdrum platitudes such as, “I am your hope, you are my dreams” and, “I want you to think about the most exciting freedom you’ve ever felt”, it all begins to feel a little Tony Robbins in stilettos.

Not that things kick off that way. The Entertainment Centre’s staid interior is packed tight with Little Monsters, and as such there’s plenty of pre-gig diversion: look there at the hyper-coloured wigs, the sequined hats, over there at that dude in heels and the girl with no pants on. Androgynous muscle-types, mothers, children, babies: they’re all here. I spot a gent in tights and laugh, only to notice that he himself is laughing at a girl with drink cans in her hair. It’s ridiculous, and entertaining. The buzz in the air is infectious, even if you soon feel like you’re at a party where you’re the only one not on drugs.

For the full article, visit TheVine. Image credit: Yoshika Horita.

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