TheVine story: ‘Top 10 deported/exiled musicians’, June 2012

Pop cultural history is littered with musicians who have been kicked out of a country for one reason or another. I rounded up ten of them for TheVine. Excerpt below. Getting deported used to be a rite of passage for any self-respecting musician. Through acts of either ill-timed lewdness or just flat-out cultural insensitivity, you could […]

TheVine live review: Lady GaGa, Brisbane, June 2012

A live review for TheVine. Excerpt below. Lady GaGa Brisbane Entertainment Centre Wednesday 13 June 2012 It used to be whether or not people “got” GaGa, but these days it’s perhaps whether GaGa gets her people. When The Fame was released in late 2008 it proved a powder keg, crashing into the charts and then blazing […]

TheVine story: ‘Miners, nudists and LSD in Lightning Ridge’, June 2012

Last winter I travelled out to Lightning Ridge in Northwestern New South Wales in search of a story. Lighting Ridge is the “black opal capital of the world”, and my interest had been piqued by frontier town tales of instant fortunes and near lawlessness. “The Ridge” in 2012 turned out to be a little more […]