TheVine live review: Kimbra, Brisbane, May 2012

A live review for TheVine. Excerpt below.

The Tivoli, Brisbane
Tuesday 15 May 2012

A lot has changed for Kimbra Johnson since I last saw her in concert. Back in September, when she tore through Brisbane Festival and Parklife in consecutive weeks, Kimbra’s star was already on the rise. But now, eight months later, it’s a different proposition entirely.

First up, the supports. Daniel Merriweather?! A year ago, this equation would have comfortably been the other way round, even if the change since could be pinned as much on Merriweather’s fall as Kimbra’s rise. Secondly, the Tivoli tonight isoverflowing with fans: stepping through the door, you hit a wall of them – mostly female – milling around the bar area, their boyfriends dutifully dispatched to fetch the drinks. One thinks.

For the full article, visit TheVine. Image credit: Craig Banks.

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