Mess+Noise album review: DZ Deathrays – ‘Bloodstreams’, April 2012

An album review for Mess+Noise. Excerpt below.

DZ Deathrays are custom-made for the internet era. In an industry environment where the perceived wisdom is to now tour first and record second, the Brisbane-based duo have been doing plenty of the former, playing their fingers off to packed houses across Australia, the UK, the US and Europe. And well they might: DZ’s rambunctious, angular take on punk rock is something to be witnessed, rather than merely listened to.

In that sense, Bloodstreams can at times feel like a gesture of conciliation to the old way of doing things; something substantial to stock up the merch desk for another round of sold-out shows. It turns out to be a debut album packed with plenty of promise, but one that ultimately falls a touch short in its delivery.

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