TheVine story: ‘The Small With It All: Brisbane’s Best Boutique — Apartment’, March 2012

My third story for TheVine‘s ‘The Small With It All’ series. This week I was asked to identify Brisbane’s best boutique. I chose Apartment on Charlotte Street in the city. Excerpt below.

The first question to address with Apartment is where exactly to find it. Like any self-respecting boutique, the place is a fucker to locate. Once the toast of aragtag bunch of retailers on Elizabeth Street, Apartment used to be a subterranean job, its low-key fittings and darkened interior welcoming on a hot Brisbane summer’s day. A great space, but unfortunately helpless in the face of last year’s floods.

So, brothers Nick and Ben Chiu upped sticks and moved to 123 Charlotte Street, a renovated heritage building one block further out from the central shopping district. On first impressions, it’s an odd locale. Charlotte Street is the subject of some fairly intensive redevelopment and the receptionist at Carter Capner – injury law experts! – on the bottom floor of the Chius’ building is inclined to give you some funny looks as you head upstairs to their first-floor digs. It’s worth it though, because the new store is a fantastic space, white walls and wooden floorboards leaving it airy and bright, yet intimate in feel.

Apartment has come a long way since the early days, when it focussed almost exclusively on ladies’ and men’s streetwear. The girls have since been kicked to the curb – much to my partner’s chagrin – but like any good boutique, what’s offered reflects the Chius’ own changing tastes, the brothers now packing an intimidating line-up of sophisticated brands. After something of quality for your misshapen hooves? Look no further than Apartment’s range of Feit footwear, hand-sewn with leather sourced from top-notch tanneries all around the world. Need to hide those love handles? Do it in style with some of Bedwin & The Heartbreakers classy threads. Afterwards, sift over to the accessories cabinet and spy some Comme des Garçons cologne, because a man is nothing without a little fragrance.

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