TheVine story: ‘Top 10 of 2011 – Hip-Hop Rhymes Of The Year’, December 2011

Contributed as part of TheVine‘s round-up of the best moments in music of 2011. Each writer for the site was asked to come up with a list of anything related to popular music to celebrate the end of 2011. I chose hip-hop rhymes. Excerpt below.

I’ll be honest: this list could have been a hundred entries long. Isolating the ten best rhymes of the year is essentially an impossible task, so take this as“the best I could remember from my favourite records of the year.” Some will make you laugh, others will make you shudder, but all should leave your jaw on the floor. Of course, the best way to witness these couplets is in their natural environs, so get YouTube-ing.

10. Nas on ‘Nasty’ re: a reminder that we shouldn’t give up on him just yet:

“Late night, candlelight, fiend with diesel in his needle / Queensbridge leader, no equal / I come from the Wheel of Ezekiel / To pop thousand-dollar bottles of scotch, smoke pot and heal the people.”

9. Curly Castro on ‘P.L.O.’ re: his firm grip on pop cultural touchstones, or maybe just his DVD collection:

“The Malcolm Little bullet palmer / The Sarah Connor / Who gang-rapes fate wearing Terminator armour / The palm reader / the flat-line who kills Keifer / The Billy Baldwin that no one never, ever features.”

8. CyHi Da Prynce on ‘Rise’ re: his honest approach to life on the streets:

“Terrified, I can’t lie, boy I stay scared / So I keep a lotta toys like a day care / Hold the shotty like a bass player / I ain’t a killer, I’m just trying to stay safe, player.”

7. Has-Lo on ‘Untitled #1’ re: the harder side of life in Philadelphia:

“My eyes x-ray the city / And I avoid all the trappings / I’ve been around for each new change and slang in fashion / I seen the one who follows the trend, trend-set / I seen shorty thinkin’ she grown because she got breasts / Spend her money on some herb when she get her little cheque / Them dudes risk it all for a pump and some head / Sport summertime babies from wintertime sex.”

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