Everguide live review: Kimbra, Brisbane, September 2011

A live review for Australian events guide website Everguide. Excerpt below.

I’ve seen Kimbra perform before, only I can’t remember. It was at a New Zealand rugby match, and whilst the game itself was excellent, I can’t for the life of me conjure the image in my mind of a 15-year-old Kimbra Johnson belting out the national anthem.

Tonight inside The Famous Spiegeltent in Brisbane would have to be about as far away from a Kiwi rugby pitch as you could possibly get. Firstly there’s the salubrious surroundings. The tents I usually step inside are full of musty sleeping bags and stinking, hungover men, not a well-stocked bar and crack team of friendly staff. Then there’s the multitude of female fans who file through the door, sometimes in groups of up to six or seven. A word of advice for all the single gents out there: get to a Kimbra show.

Of course, the biggest difference is Kimbra herself. It’s almost impossible to reconcile the figure onstage tonight with a young girl who supposedly once sang national anthems. The now Melbourne-based chanteuse is magnetic, and packs an unselfconscious, almost dorky expressiveness that’s well beyond her 21 years.

This show sold out weeks back, even though there seems to be plenty of room in the Spiegeltent tonight – something perhaps down to lower number caps for such a semi-permanent venue. That doesn’t stop the audience losing it when Kimbra and her band open up with ‘Settle Down’, the single released in isolation over a year ago. It’s arguably the best song of her career so far, and while it’s a natural choice as an opener, you can’t help but feel it deserves to sit slightly later in the set, when the performers have had time to warm to their tasks.

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