The Vine live review: The Grates, Brisbane, June 2011

A live review for Australian pop culture website The Vine. Excerpt below.

You can’t help but feel the stakes are high for the Grates. The departure of drummer Alana Skyring early last year was the catalyst for a  new-ish sound on the group’s latest album, Secret Rituals, and for diehard fans it could prove an alarming change. Gone are the stark beats and stabbing guitars that characterised both 2006’s Gravity Won’t Get You High and it’s 2008 follow-up, Teeth Lost, Hearts Won. In their place is a more rounded and muscular—dare we say, more mature—version of The Grates; this one replete with such exotic luxuries as bass guitar and synthesiser.

The question tonight is how this new material might translate into the live environment, which makes this last minute gig something of a litmus test. It may be a secret show, but the upstairs section of Ric’s Bar in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley is packed full of eager punters. It’s a nice way for the band to kick off their Australian tour: the Twitter call-out has brought the passionate fans, and the intimacy is confirmed when singer Patience Hodgson and guitarist John Patterson are seen mingling with the crowd during the support from local surf rockers Narwhals.

For the full article and photos of the show, visit The Vine.

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