Junior Magazine review: Odd Future live @ The Hi-Fi, June 2011

I review the Brisbane OFWGKTA show for Junior Magazine. Excerpt below.

It takes all of 45 seconds for Tyler the Creator to make his first stage dive into the churning throng that has come to see him and his Odd Future crew in Brisbane on Sunday night. It’s perhaps a little unexpected, but totally appropriate given both the heaving nature of the rabid mass and the performance that’s about to be delivered by OFWGKTA.

Raw but ferocious, Odd Future are caught somewhere between callow naivety and unbridled genius. Hodgy Beats, Mike G and Left Brain tend to do a lot of the heavy lifting throughout the gig, the MellowHype mixtapes in particular providing material far too good to be the filler for Tyler’s killer.

But whether it’s down to his recent debut long player or simply an overabundance of undistilled personality, Tyler is first among equals. A divisive character in the media, many things about him start to make sense live: he’s charismatic, funny, and surprisingly warm-natured. It’s those Goblin cuts that have the greatest effect on the audience – ‘Yonkers’ and ‘Radicals’ in particular causing an outbreak of unabashed mentalism.

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