Scene Magazine story: Track & Field, 2011

I interview Ben Preece of Brisbane-based music management company, Mucho-Bravado, about his role in the establishment of Queensland’s homegrown boutique festival, Track & Field. Click on the scanned image below for a closer look, or read the article excerpt underneath.

With the extensive festival circuit that Australia supports you could easily be convinced there’s little room for more live music.

But that’s not quite the case in Brisbane. While our larger festival needs are easily seen to, those in search of something more intimate are often left with a range of options that pales in comparison to our southern cousins.

“I think people are drawn to things that are a little left-of-centre,” says Mucho Bravado director Ben Preece, who has joined forces with Amplifire Music’s Stu McCullough to create a new boutique festival, Track & Field.
“Sure, you’ve got your bands and you’ve got your DJs, but you’ve also got a little bit of an adventure going on there, for want of a better term. Hopefully we can get that across in our event – that we’re just going to go a little bit of an extra distance to make it fun.”

Track & Field is a one night only affair, taking over Brisbane’s The Old Museum the first Friday of June. The line-up features some very impressive local talent, including indie rockers Last Dinosaurs and Ball Park Music, party starters The Belligerents and Mitzi, and also DJ sets from Hungry Kids Of Hungary, The John Steel Singers and The Honey Month. Preece admits that it’s an eclectic line-up, but that was always the intention, he and McCullough determined to drive home the distinctive nature of their event.

“We just want something that’s a little bit across the board, and I think blogs and certain radio stations and bits and pieces have essentially created an environment for indie rock music meets the dance music meets electro, and that’s cool and that’s acceptable these days – there’s no one genre that you have to squeeze it into.”
Preece and McCullough were also keen on making good use of The Old Museum’s distinctive space, which is sure to be a drawing point for plenty of potential punters.

“The Old Museum’s great,” he says. “It’s a beautiful spot – the grounds themselves are incredible and we really hope to utilise them properly. The first event will basically incorporate just one room, the outside area and that big verandah part of the Old Museum. And, you know, we’ll have live bands inside and DJs and a bit of a chill-out area outside somewhere. We’ll be taking extra sound PA, extra lighting and extra production in general, so we do intend to transform the room somewhat. Not that there’s anything wrong with the room now, but we do intend to up the production quality of the room as well as using more than what people usually do, I guess.”

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