Mess+Noise interview: The Grates: ‘It Was Time To Come Clean’, June 2011

I interview Patience Hodgson of The Grates for Australian music website, Mess+Noise. Excerpt below. I’d heard Patience Hodgson enjoys a chat, and I recently found out for myself the full force of her untethered tongue. The Grates’ vocalist moves her conversations at a million miles per hour, topic after topic being introduced, elaborated upon, and […]

The Vine live review: The Grates, Brisbane, June 2011

A live review for Australian pop culture website The Vine. Excerpt below. You can’t help but feel the stakes are high for the Grates. The departure of drummer Alana Skyring early last year was the catalyst for a  new-ish sound on the group’s latest album, Secret Rituals, and for diehard fans it could prove an […]

Mess+Noise review: ‘Liam Finn — FOMO’, June 2011

I review Liam Finn’s rather excellent new album ‘FOMO’ for Mess+Noise. Excerpt below. It’s interesting to note how successfully Liam Finn has avoided comparisons with the family firm during his already extensive career. Perhaps it’s because there’s already two of them – Neil and Tim – and they took all the gas out of the […]

Mess+Noise interview: Liam Finn: ‘I Could’ve Made A Hip-Hop Record’, June 2011

My first article for Australian music website, Mess+Noise — an interview with Liam Finn. Excerpt below. It’s hard to believe an artist like Liam Finn could ever struggle to write and record music. There’s the pedigree, of course – he’s the son of Neil, the nephew of Tim – but there’s also an intimidating recording career […]

Junior Magazine review: Odd Future live @ The Hi-Fi, June 2011

I review the Brisbane OFWGKTA show for Junior Magazine. Excerpt below. It takes all of 45 seconds for Tyler the Creator to make his first stage dive into the churning throng that has come to see him and his Odd Future crew in Brisbane on Sunday night. It’s perhaps a little unexpected, but totally appropriate […]

Scene Magazine story: Track & Field, 2011

I interview Ben Preece of Brisbane-based music management company, Mucho-Bravado, about his role in the establishment of Queensland’s homegrown boutique festival, Track & Field. Click on the scanned image below for a closer look, or read the article excerpt underneath. With the extensive festival circuit that Australia supports you could easily be convinced there’s little […]