Scene Magazine cover story: AC Slater, 2011

A cover story for Scene Magazine on New York DJ, AC Slater. Click on the scanned image for a closer look, or read the article excerpt underneath.

Your girlfriend may think she’s good at multitasking, but then she hasn’t met Aaron Clevenger.

The Brooklyn-based Clevenger is constantly touring, working on high profile remixes, or filling guest residencies for radio stations (his April stint on Triple J’s Mix-Up series being the latest). That is of course when he’s not running his own record label, Party Like Us Records, and forwarding on misdirected ‘Saved By The Bell’ fan mail, courtesy of his stage name, AC Slater.

“It can get a little overwhelming,” Clevenger explains from his Adelaide hotel room. “Especially when you’re travelling a lot. Just now, flying from Sydney, I was working on a remix on the plane. And I got so much done in like an hour on the plane. I could have just slept but I would have never gotten that done, you know?” he laughs. “But I kinda love it, though. It’s cool. I love being busy.”

AC Slater exploded onto the blogosphere in 2007 and life for Clevenger has been full throttle ever since. Some of the notable achievements of the past year? Remixing Moby’s ‘Turn The Music Up’ and having the artist declare it one of the best songs of the last ten years – something Clevenger describes as “definitely cool – really cool!” – and a five-track collaboration with Thunderkatz MC, Dell Harris, released under the AC & Dell moniker.
“Yeah, we actually have another album’s worth of demos. It’s really hard to do both – AC Slater and the AC & Dell – because it’s just time consuming and, I dunno, a lot of that was done by me sending him stuff and he would send me back stuff. But the best was when we were in the studio together – we just work really well together – so I think maybe this summer we’re gonna take a couple of weeks and try to get a bunch of stuff done, because I love doing it and I know he does.”

This step into hip hop may seem a little leftfield, but Clevenger’s love for rap music goes right back to his youth: in a recent interview with Chemical Jump he declared ‘De La Soul Is Dead’ his favourite album ever. It’s part of an artistic ethos that seems to place evolution above anything else.
“My personal taste is always changing, so I guess it’s reflected in my music, because obviously I’m gonna make music that I would play. I don’t really wake up one day and say, ‘I’m gonna make a trance song!’” he laughs. “I don’t really do stuff like that. I just do what comes naturally and I feel as an artist that you’re always influenced by everything around you.
“Lately I’ve kinda been feeling a little more like techno stuff. I’ve been staying a little bit more away from the dubstep stuff – not really consciously, just kinda what I’m feeling is a little bit different from that. The one thing that really ties together everything that I’m into is just really heavy bass, driving basslines and stuff like that.”

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