Scene Magazine interview: Tigermoth, 2011

An interview for Scene Magazine with Brisbane-based beats musician, Tigermoth. Click on the scanned image for a closer look, or read the article excerpt underneath.

The Australian music scene is a busy little beast, holding its own in terms of quality with the best the rest of the world has to offer.

But being a small country, there are inevitably gaps in our musical knowledge. Beats music is a case in point: while international acts fly in and attract major crowds, local artists are more likely flying under the radar.
“I know people don’t like to hear it, but the Australian beats scene is just so far behind the rest of the world,” explains Tim Paterson, the Brisbane-based beat maker better known as Tigermoth. “There’s just not the infrastructure to make it happen.”

Such is the lack of acknowledgement and support in beats music that Paterson had to go offshore to produce his latest album, ‘The 9th Tiger’.
“I sold my studio to make it happen and get to America, but I wanted Cooley to master it. I wanted to see what he did.”

Paterson is talking about Dave Cooley, the LA-based engineer behind the now legendary Elysian Masters. With mastering credits that include J Dilla, Madlib, Dam-Funk and David Axelrod, Cooley’s name is a major calling card for ‘The 9th Tiger’.
“I wrote to him and he wrote back to me – essentially immediately – and said that he loved my music. And we got into conversation and he could hear what I was doing and just through a few sentences I could tell that this dude was on the money. He knows where I’m coming from. I just wanted to get to New York and LA and I just wanted to be there and see what it was about and try and get gigs.”

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