Scene Magazine interview: Joe Bonamassa, 2011

An interview for Scene Magazine with Los Angeles-based blues guitarist, Joe Bonamassa. Click on the scanned image for a closer look, or read the article excerpt underneath.

Joe Bonamassa is Slash’s favourite guitarist. That’s what 12 years slaving away in the blues scene gets you: steadily increasing crowds, plenty of industry respect and tweets from history’s hairiest rocker.

It’s become something of a calling card for Bonamassa. If people baulk at the 33-yearold’s name, one quickly shorthands it into this ultimate of pop-cultural touchstones. Bonamassa himself, though, is quick to roll out the humble disclaimers.

“I’ve never met the man. I don’t know him. I have to say that,” he laughs. “Both he and I share an affinity for vintage sunburst Les Pauls – I have one and he has about 20. But at the end of the day it’s really cool. I was really chuffed.”

Bonamassa is chatting down the line from his current home in Los Angeles. It used to be one of the great curiosities about the man – that this young master of the blues came from a state as steady as New York. But the move to LA was more about weather than it was music.

“I’ve lived here for seven years. I want nice weather in the wintertime. I just have no tolerance for cold and no tolerance for snow, sleet, and the months before and after its bullshit – it really is bullshit. I couldn’t live in New York anymore; I just couldn’t do it.”

You wonder how much a move actually means to Bonamassa. He seems to constantly be touring, and a look at the sleeve of his latest album, ‘Dust Bowl’, reveals four different recording studios, one as far away as Greece. Bonamassa admits that there are difficulties in making a record in such a way, but he’s also quick to point out what he sees as the advantages.

“I think it’s a really interesting way to make these records and luckily we have the budget and wherewithal to do it now. But some of those great old records were made because Deep Purple went to Montreux and saw the casino burn down, and that’s how you get ‘Smoke On The Water’. Seriously, that’s what it was. So there’s some value in doing these transplant type recordings.”

Bonamassa declares himself “very happy” with the final results of the sessions and pleased that both the international legwork and a new approach to songwriting have paid off.

“It was not an easy record to make, but it came out good and truth be told I was a bit more focussed on the songs, and I think that’s definitely a good thing,” he explains. “I just got tired of hearing myself bellyache about the damn girls. So I just made a conscious effort to write something that means something, and that was it, you know? Truth be told, it took a while. It took a while to get organised.”

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