Scene Magazine interview: Pegz, 2011

An interview for Scene Magazine with Australian hip-hop artist and label owner, Pegz, about his new album, Drama. Click on the scanned image for a closer look, or read the article excerpt underneath.

Owning an independent record label isn’t easy; you don’t need to be in the music industry to know that. But try balancing business with art and things get exponentially harder.

“It’s extremely difficult,” Pegz says. “I think people just have no idea of the pressures of running Obese Records, and then trying to allocate time for being creative and writing and recording these songs.”

The Melbourne-based emcee and label owner is talking on the eve of the release of his latest longplayer, ‘Drama’. His tone is measured and he chooses his descriptions carefully – not that that’s a sign of any sort of disinterest. Rather, Pegz communicates with a single-mindedness redolent of the rhymes found on his records.

“I think that it’s all about giving everything you can when it comes to creating this music. You spend months and months away from social activities and seeing friends and all that sort of jazz, but I’m sure every other artist out there that has a full time job has to deal with similar things.”

It’s now four years between albums for Pegz – an eternity in the digital age. His 2007 effort, ‘Burn City’, was an underground sensation and would have inspired most artists to get straight back into the studio. Pegz, however, had other ideas.

“I think just after ‘Burn City’ dropped I wanted to pull back and take some of the pressure off,” he says. “I made a few personal promises to people that I’d focus on other things.”

Full the full article, visit Scene Magazine.

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