Scene Magazine interview: Ladi6, 2011

An interview for Scene Magazine with New Zealand R&B artist Ladi6. Click on the scanned image for a closer look, or read the article excerpt underneath.

Karoline Tamati is living through a grind common to Kiwi artists. Her latest album, ‘The Liberation Of…’, has been on New Zealand shelves for almost four months, but only now is it getting an Australian release.

It means teeing up the phone interviews and talking your head off once more about a record you’ve already toured through the homeland. Not that Tamati seems to mind.

“Yeah, it’s funny,” says the Auckland artist more commonly known as Ladi6. “Just last week I put it on in the car for the first time in what seems like ages, and I listened to it from front to back and was like, ‘Yeah man! That’s actually pretty bad arse!’”

She’s not alone in her opinion. The second Ladi6 release has captured the attention of critics and blazed across the New Zealand charts, a growing confidence propelling an album that confirms Tamati’s international pedigree. Written and recorded in Berlin in less than eight weeks with production partner Brent ‘Parks’ Park, ‘The Liberation Of…’ was about the duo hitting their stride, knowing what they wanted, and having the skills to go about achieving it.

“I think we’re definitely on a roll now, in terms of what kind of sound we’re wanting to put out there. I think that [the first Ladi6 album] ‘Time Is Not Much’ was just us still figuring out where we were musically, and this is definitely more of a consistent sound and one that I think keeps carrying on.

“After recording ‘Time Is Not Much’ we just knew so much more than we did before, and Parks in the last couple of years or something since it was released has totally upscaled a million percent in terms of production – it  was just ridiculous how good he got really quickly. And that really showed in being able to put an album together in that short amount of time – he’s producing seven tracks and they’re all brand new, and they’re all kickarse … I can’t tell you enough about how much of a huge fan of his I am,” Tamati laughs.

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