Junior Magazine interview: Alex Burnett of Sparkadia, 2011

An interview for Junior Magazine with Alex Burnett of Sparkadia. Click on the scanned image for a closer look, or read the article excerpt underneath.

A few years ago, Sparkadia were travelling the world and preparing for global domination. Or so it seemed.

Just when any other fresh-faced act intoxicated on newfound fame would have been knuckling down to nail a sophomore album, every member of Sparkadia left the band. All of them, that is, bar one.

“Everyone loved what we achieved and loved touring and loved that whole experience,” says Alex Burnett, who is himself now for all intents and purposes Sparkadia.

“But I suppose they wanted to embrace the real world; I wanted to have more of the same but bigger and wilder and crazier… we did everything and that was incredible, but I also think that it’s pretty taxing on your life. You say ‘yes’ to music and other things fall by the wayside. There are no hard feelings because they all wanted to do other things and gave me their blessing.”

Rather than turn tail and run for the hills or maybe form another band, Burnett decided to keep the Sparkadia name alive, travelling the world and slowly piecing together ideas for a new record.

“Going overseas was great because it made me reflect on the past year, and I’d had some amazing relationships and some wild and weird experiences. I think also not having a band and not having a family to travel with was daunting but musically allowed me to say ‘yes’ to anything. I didn’t have to worry about it fitting into a band format and that definitely influenced the way I thought about the record.”

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